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GUASCOR ENERGY was founded in 1966 and since then, the excellent quality, efficiency and reliability of their engines have been verified in marine and industrial applications for more than 50 years and more than 3.000 actively running engines & gen-sets worldwide by the end of 2022.



Guascor Energy Gas Engines are generating a lot of excitement for their innovative design and combustion technologies, which can deliver the highest electrical efficiency and displacement within the smallest footprint. When you consider that they can also be available in the fastest cycle times, they’re the most competitive answer to your needs. 

A robust and reliable solution for power generation, CHP and mechanical drive applications.

High performance, low life-cycle cost, fuel flexibility and exceptional fuel blending capability.

Highest electrical efficiency in the industry, with low emissions.



Guascor Energy Marine Engines have been designed and manufactured to work in the most adverse conditions with minimum fuel consumption. Guascor offers a complete range of propulsion and auxiliary engines powered by diesel combined with reduction gearboxes to meet the demand of any type of boat.

The marine engines are also available for auxiliary purposes on board or for power generation. When working as a power generation set, there are two options available: engine powered by diesel or by gas. The gas marine set is valid for generation purposes not only on board—electric propulsion or power generation—but also as a deck genset providing energy to any boat docked in port.

Guascor Energy marine engines have been designed and manufactured to work in the most adverse conditions with minimum fuel consumption.

Powerful gas engines designed for various marine use cases.


Why Guascor Energy?

GUASCOR ENERGY is a recognized brand with Mundial historic presence since its foundation in 1966. They become a global manufacturer of gas and diesel engines designed for power generation, cogeneration, waste conversion and marine use meeting strictest environmental regulations.

GUASCOR ENERGY Engines are known in the market for its robustness and reliability. QUALITY AND INNOVATION.

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